Coloring page pdf of Jar with christmas world inside.


We’re excited to offer you our coloring page that you can use for free under our non-commercial license. This means you can download and use this product for personal projects, educational purposes, or non-profit endeavors without any cost. Please take a moment to review the license terms below:

Non-Commercial License Terms:

  1. Personal and Non-Profit Use: You are free to use this coloring page for personal projects or non-profit initiatives, including educational materials, portfolios, and personal blogs.
  2. No Commercial Use: You may not use coloring page for any commercial purposes, including selling, promoting, or endorsing products or services for financial gain. If you intend to use it for commercial purposes, please contact us to discuss a different licensing arrangement.
  3. Attribution: While not required, we appreciate it if you credit us by mentioning “Designed by Smiling Colors Publishing” in your project, but this is not mandatory.
  4. Modifications: You are welcome to modify coloring page to suit your needs, but any derivative work should still be used under this non-commercial license.
  5. Redistribution: You may share coloring page with others, but they must adhere to the same non-commercial license terms.

Support and Updates:

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Thank you for choosing our coloring page, and we hope it adds value to your projects!


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